Belle Huber
Belle Huber
Height: 5'4
Year: Fr
Hometown: Gilbert
High School: Williams Field
Events: Pole Vault

Name: Belle Huber

Height: 5’ 4”

Hometown: Gilbert, AZ

High School: Williams Field High School

Track & Field Background: Pole Vault

PR’s: 11’ 6”

Track & Field Accomplishments: 2nd place in state, MVP of my high school track team 2 years in a row.

Parents: Michael and Sheri Huber

High School Coach: James Golden

Major/Program of Study: Kinesiology

Career Goal: Athletic Trainer/ Sports Med teacher

Favorite Food: Chick-Fil-A

Favorite Music: Anything Country

Favorite Quote: “The difference between me and you is when I get high… my parents are proud”

Motto you live by and/or like: “Don’t let the fear of falling prevent you from flying”

Why I Compete: To see the end result of all my hard work. You’ve prepared for so long why not show everybody that it wasn’t for nothing.

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