Victor Villalvazo
Victor Villalvazo
Height: 6'0
Year: Fr
Hometown: Plainfield, IL
High School: Highland
Events: Mid-Distance/Distance

Name: Victor Villalvazo

Height: 6’ 0”

Hometown: Plainfield, Ill.

High School: Highland High School

High School Coach: Dave Montgomery.

Started Running: I have been running cross

country and track since the 6th grade.

PRs: 5k is 18:03 and 2:02 in the 800.

Major: My program of study will be engineering,

specifically, mechanical

Career Goal: My career goal is to have a stable job

that pays well.

Favorite Things: My favorite things include eating

tamales and watching The Dark Knight Rises.

Why I Compete: I run because I like it

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