Flynn Fuhrmann
Flynn Fuhrmann
Height: 6'2
Year: So
Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ
High School: Flagstaff
Events: Distance

Name: Flynn Fuhrmann

Height: 6’ 2”

Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ

High School: Flagstaff High School

Running Background: Running on a team since

6th grade

PRs: 8k: 26:15; 5k track: 15:40.47, 10k track:

32:51.53, 3k steeplechase: 9:54.39

Running Accomplishments: NJCAA All-American Cross Country (2019).  Scored on my high

school team to win state cross country 3 years in

a row.

Parents: Thomas Fuhrmann, Kristin Brown

High School Coach: Trina Painter

Major: Geology

Career Goal: Geological Surveyor

Favorite Food: bread

Favorite Music: Down tempo

Favorite Quote: "Do what you can, with what you

have, where you are."

Motto: What happens, happens.

Why I Compete: In elementary school during field day I won the half mile with a pretty big lead so I decided to stick

with it.


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